Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Russian Women

I am sorry that I haven't been writing anything in these past few days. I have been busy working on our site and had quite a few stressful days of my own.

I told you before that I will tell you the differences between the Russian and American women. Where should I start? First of all all the Russian women that I have seen and known in my life are beautiful. Their smile just make your soul happier by the minute. The American women, I have noticed get quite fat. One of the reasons for that is the fast food restaurants that you see pretty much at every corner of every street in US. They love the food, its cheap, and also fattening. It is sad, I know, but that is the truth. In Russia, there are not many fast food restaurants, and the ones that are out there are too expensive. It is cheaper and healthier to eat a home meal or go to a nice Russian restaurant.

Another thing that I have noticed about the American women. They are loud, materialistic and love making their man spend a lot of money on them. Now a loud woman would give me a headache, and materialistic, that just means she is going to drain my wallet and then leave me for someone else. There is no love in that. If you like women like that be my guest, but I don't like that. Russian women actually look for the love of their life, just like you are, so why not try it out. Write to one then meet her and you will probably be one of those lucky men in the world that are actually in love with a beautiful woman. I bet she will love you too with all her heart.

I don't have anything else to say about the women. I didn't mean to offend anybody by this post if I did I'm sorry, but I just gave you my opinion. My point of view from experience. So why not see for yourself. Go out there meet new people, find your true love. It won't bite.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Steamy Russian Women is up and running...

I am glad to announce that my site, Steamy Russian Women, is up and running. A lot of time and work was put into the site. I hope that everyone will enjoy its content and its look. Hopefully there will be a lot of people coming to see it, read it and talk about it.
The site has content on two cities of Belarus: Minsk and Vitebsk. Sample pictures of the women from our main sites and much more. One of the key things about this site is, if you join our group through this site and tell us that you did, you will get $50 off our membership cost. So what's stopping you from getting the love of your life and saving money at the same time?
Here's a link to the page with the information: How to Join

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Steamy Russian Women is not up yet...

Many of you are probably wondering, why is the site not showing up when you click the link to it from the first post. I am sorry to inform you that I am waiting for Dotster, which is the current registrar to change to my other one, StartLogic. Until Dotster does that, I don't have a site on the net. I am hoping that they will be done soon. Once again I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First Words on Beautiful Russian Women Club

First of all I think I should introduce myself, since I think we all will get to know each other pretty well in a couple of days. My name is Arthur, currently living in Akron, Ohio. I was born in Vitebsk, Belarus. I moved here about 7 years ago. Currently working two jobs, one of them is working on sites. One of those sites I just finished working on, and hopefully, many of you will visit it. Maybe even join our group.

Here's a link to it:

In upcoming blogs, I will tell you about my life in Belarus and how it has been affected by my new life in United States. I will tell you guys a lot of things about Russian Women and the difference between them and the American Women. Hopefully all of you will like my blog and subscribe to it, tell your friends about it, and visit it because you are interested in what I write. Who knows maybe you will even find your own Beautiful Russian Woman at the end.